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About Us

Established in 2nd Organized Industrial Zone in 1995, Akcanlar Textile introduced the production of Super Open End 100% cotton, viscose, Bamboo from NE 4/1 to NE 40/1, as well as the production of 7200 tons / years string, in the mixture of fibers and tricot torsions, our company established vortex facilities with the production capacity of 9000 Tons / year string in 2008, and also established the second manufacturing facilities to produce particularly towels of Avortex ® and contributed to the national economy by establishing the spinning facilities in 2009 with the capacity of Ne 20/2 4500 tons / years two for one, as well. The production quality and product ranges of Akcanlar Textile have globally become common in a short period, and evidenced the quality with Avortex string and become the leader by gaining the trust of all the towel manufacturers. We have been placed in an esteemed position by continuously renewing ourselves thanks to the Research & Development activities, and following the technological developments, and continuously presenting new, economic, ergonomic and advantageous products to the partners.